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Scottish Tartans World Register: MacTavish, Thom(p)son 
MacTavish, Thom(p)son Clan Tartan  WR228

D.C. Stewart writes, " This tartan has recently (1950) come into use as being that appropriate to the Thomsons; Thomson is the anglicised form of the name MacTavish. It is not recorded in any of the early illustrated books. Many MacTavishes wear the Campbell of Argyll." Stewart may not have considered Johnston's publication in 1906 as 'early' and this may have been the source for the sett he recorded in the 'Setts of the Scottish Tartans' in 1950. Some versions show black in place of the mid blue stripe The sett was agreed by Dugald MacTavish of Dunardry 26th Chief to be the Clan tartan. It is on the Lord Lyon Court Books as the "MacTavish" clan tartan
W & A K Johnston
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