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Scottish Tartans World Register: Oliphant 
Oliphant   WR242

Found in the Vestiarium Scoticum No 54, The Setts No: 210. and W & A K Johnston, 1906. Often referred to as 'Oliphant and Melville'. Claimed by the Clan Chief of the Oliphants in 2004 as the official clan tartan. There is a pattern listed under 'Melville' STWR No:1050, which is also worn by the Oliphants. There is no definitive provenance to distinguish one from the other, The Vestiarium has proved unreliable in many cases. Vestiariun Scoticum a book produced between 1829-49, it is the basis of a number of clan Tartans.
The source of tartan 242 was: Vestiarium Scoticum No: 54
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