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Scottish Tartans World Register: Elphinstone 
Elphinstone Clan Tartan  WR115

The village of Elphinstone is next to Tranent near Edinburgh in East Lothian. Sir Henry Elphinstone of Pittendriech in Midlothian was created Baron Elphinstone in 1509 and fell at Flodden Field. The Elphinstone tartan first appeared in the text of the Vestiarium Scoticum (1842). It is similar to some extent with the Montgomerie tartan and to the Montgomerie Hunting sett, suggesting a link to an early provenance. D.W. Stewart (1893) maintained that he could date the Montgomerie of Eglinton to 1707.
The source of tartan 115 was: Vestiarium Scoticum text.
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