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Scottish Tartans World Register: Crieff 
Crieff District Tartan  WR1636

Wilson's accounts of 1793 mention the Crieff tartan with no details. A manuscript dated 1800 gives details of colour but it is not until the publication of the Key Pattern Book of 1819 that this sett is revealed in full. Crieff in Perthshire was the most famous of the cattle drovers 'trysts' prior to 1700. It is a very large sett which has been proportionately reduced for this illustration. The full threadcount: Light Red 4, Red 12, Green 8, R 140, G 8, R 4, Purple 42, R 4, G 170, R 4, G 8, R 12, LR 4.
The source of tartan 1636 was: Wilson's of Bannockburn.
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