The Structure of the Scottish Tartans World Register


The Reason Why :-
The medium for recording tartan in the nineteenth and twentieth century became the published word particularly with coloured printing of tartans. This provided many sources with different stories, names and provenances for what were the same tartan designs.

By the nineteen sixties there were many tartan lists but were the work of individuals, collectors and company records. These were to be found worldwide. The need for a centralised point where these lists can be collected, researched and referenced in one database was obvious.

The Scottish Tartans World Register has been created to provide the just such an instrument. It is a non-authoritive body where anyone can post and check both new and old tartans. Its public nature provides one of the first steps to establishing the copyright of a design.

Services and Products to Support the Use of Tartan

The Scottish Tartans World Register is the trading name of a registered company called Tartan Registration Limited, a recognised charity. It offers services and products that help in the accurate and non-trivial use of tartan whilst maintaining the ' Register' itself.

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